Words by Ryan Kappy

At the time of this review being posted, a pandemic has us laying around our home with not much movement being associated with our day-to-day lives. Our lives, as we know it, have been far from the ordinary. Fear no more, though, because Los Angeles, CA alternative quartet The Wrecks have released their debut album Infinitely Ordinary, in which their melodic and catchy choruses will have you jumping in your living room!

After releasing their debut EP Panic World that was filled with indie guitar-driven compositions, the band took their favorite influences in Grouplove and New Order and were able to create an eight-track album that is very synth-wave driven, filled with eclectic arrangements throughout the twenty-three minute effort. “Out of Style” and “This Life I Have” reminiscences of early Cage the Elephant records, while “Four” is the token “ballad” of the album, even though it still has a deafening string arrangement that will transcend your hearing for the greater good.

The band had the ultimate goal of being honest to the music and themselves and that they had no intention of truly knowing how their music would be received. A clear message in the first track “Freaking Out” is stating that “I’m freaking out and I feel fine” throughout the track. This is to show that the band decided to rid of all defenses and release a memorable type of record with careful yet daring consideration.

The Wrecks expressed that it took them around two years of re-writing the album in order for it to be brought to perfection. With new producer tactics being implemented and true anecdotes playing a role, Infinitely Ordinary has The Wrecks not being your ordinary indie pop band, but a band that is striving for the future so that they are ready to take on the world regardless of any obstacles standing in their way.

The Wrecks
‘Infinitely Ordinary’
© May 1, 2020

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