Words by Alex Napoliello

Produced by Chris Robinson of the Black Crowes, Truth and Salvage Co.’s debut LP is a perfect blend of classic rock and alt-country. However, after discovering that lead singer Tim Jones was recently ripped out of his hotel room and arrested by authorities for undisclosed reasons, outlaw country appears to be a better fit for this L.A.-based outfit.

Signed to Silver Arrow Records, their heavy guitar chops, sing-a-long anthems and feel-good lyrics make their debut a pleasure to listen to.

The tone of the record is set within seconds of the first track, “Hail Hail,” as Jones sings “Hail Hail, the gangs all here with their heads full of reefer, and our beds full of beer.” The relaxed, party atmosphere continues on “Welcome to LA,” a Jimmy Buffet-like track centered around the fast living in Hollywood rather than Margaritaville. The following track, “Heart Like A Wheel” extends the slower, soothing melodies only to gear you up for the fierce ZZ Top-like guitar solo in “See Her”.

The lap pedal steel in “Old Piano” is sure to put tingles down your spine, while the finger picking in “Jump the Ship” will put goose bumps on your arms. “She Really Does It For Me” is fit with funky bass lines intertwined with subtle yet sharp guitar licks; meanwhile, the breakdown will have you singing right along. The last track, “Pure Mountain Angel” ends the album on a high note, featuring a blissful Billy Joel-esque piano melody, demonstrating a softer side of the band’s rugged persona.

Truth and Salvage Co. will find the better part of 2010 on the road, and while the outcome of Jones’ arrest is unknown at this point, the band is surely not on the run from the cops. Rather, Truth and Salvage have a slew of tour dates set up through January of next year, including a five-night run on The Rock Boat Cruise in early January – which is the perfect ending for a supporting tour of an album that transcends feelings of drunken stupors, sunshine and life without worries.

Truth & Salvage Co.
Silver Arrow Records
© May 25, 2010




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