Words by Nadia Dar

Here’s one for your New Year’s dance party playlist. Walk The Moon’s new album Talking Is Hard is full of electro-pop beats and contagious melodies that’ll have you busting a move before you can blink.

It’s a swing in a new direction for the Ohio pop-rockers — although considering that their last album matched the energy of Talking Is Hard, it was much less pop-inspired. However, this record proves to be a trip down an 80’s-inspired memory lane, complete with all the energetic vocals, fast-paced riffs and of course, lots of synth.

The opening track “Different Colours” not only delivers the continuing upbeat sound, but also summarizes the overall feel of the album within seconds. The invigorating start is quickly followed up by the third song (and first single), “Shut up and Dance.” It’s a perfect encapsulation of the sweaty ’80s dance party motif that the band aimed for. With an irresistible hook and carefree lyrics, it’ll give you the urge to do exactly what the song suggests.

Although most of the songs in the collection seem to fit into the same heavy, indie pop-influenced genre, several stand out. “Up 2 U” is one track that drew my attention almost immediately. Instead of following the same swirly, fun-loving energy of the rest of the album, it introduces a darker side of the band while maintaining the same stimulating intensity. Not only is it a great listen, but it’s also reassurance that while these boys do have a genuine sound, they still know how to present some variety.

The album closes with a track that is sure to quickly become a crowd favorite: “Aquaman” is the anthem for just about every pre-teen enduring their first junior high slow dance. The song beautifully portrays the idea of young love with its sombre vocals and metaphorical lyrics, and its cinematic feel couldn’t have been a better ending to the album. I can practically see the closing credits in my head now.

When it comes to sophomore albums, you can either solidify your mark or fall flat. On Talking Is Hard, Walk The Moon seems to know what they’re doing. Keep up the good work, boys. We’ll be expecting some big things from you.

Walk The Moon
“Talking Is Hard”
© December 2nd, 2014



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