Words by Dennis Ruhlin

Does Austin, TX ever disappoint? I think not. Case in point, White Denim’s sixth album, Corsicana Lemonade, is a rocking good time. The ten track album is a quick jaunt through echoes of blues rock and psych riffs any White Denim fan is sure to love.

Opening strong with ‘At Night In Dreams’, the album takes right off in a Southern rock direction. The second track ‘Corsicana Lemonade’ introduces us to their more groovy psychedelic side (Tame Impala anyone?). Jump forward to track four, and ‘New Blue Feeling’ is a smooth, sexy, and modern rock tune, akin to the some of the more recent Black Keys work.

For me, back to back tunes ‘Let It Feel Good (My Eagles)’ and ‘Pretty Green’ are where it’s at. The track ‘Let It Feel Good’ is heavy on positive vibes and twangy Southern riffs , while ‘Pretty Green’ opens with a psych feeling and melts into a bluegrass-inspired ending.

The thing that really stands out among these tracks (but also the entire album) is the lack of filler. You know what I mean, that extra-long bridge, or that unnecessarily repeated chorus. Mind you, all the songs clock in at about 4 minutes long, but are almost totally devoid of any unnecessary material.

They aren’t breaking down any barriers or defining a moment in music, but, is that really such a bad thing?

White Denim
‘Corsicana Lemonade’
Downtown Records
© October 29th, 2013



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