Words by Brielle Cotelo

In 2010, Young The Giant released their breakthrough debut self-titled album, putting the California natives on the map as a radio-friendly indie rock band. And now, finally, the five-piece band has kicked off the New Year by sharing their highly-anticipated sophomore album, Mind Over Matter with the masses on January 21st.

There are a few songs on the record that completely captured my attention, and one of them is ‘Firelight’. The song has more of a stripped-down style compared to the rest of the album, but its simplicity is what makes it so beautiful, as lead singer Sameer Gadhia serenades us with his sublime voice pouring poetic lyrics like ‘falling in deep, lost in a dream’.

The next song that is bound to leave you in awe is ‘Camera’. The melancholic lyrics “why can’t I get close to the man I saw in me when I was young” reveals a fear in every human of not reaching our own expectations. The track, though not as somber as ‘Firelight’, is still an enchanting surprise that stands out from the more upbeat tunes on this album.

‘Crystallized’ and ‘In My Home’ are two energized tracks on the LP that are sure to be a crowd favorite on tour this year. The catchy hooks that both the songs possess make them major highlights of Mind Over Matter, and will definitely climb to the top of any 2014 playlist.

For a band that got its start jamming as teenagers, Mind Over Matter displays the band’s evolution to a more ‘arena rock’ sound. Though they may be gaining more of a larger audience, this record might just test the loyalty of their earlier supporters. Whatever the case maybe, Young the Giant continues to make great music by doing what they did from the very beginning – trying new material.

Young the Giant
“Mind Over Matter”
Fueled By Ramen Records
© January 21st, 2014



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