alt-j is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the major debut, An Awesome Wave, with a brand new podcast entitled “Things Will Get Better”.

The band shares:

“We were asked so often how we felt about the ten year anniversary of An Awesome Wave, and how we planned to celebrate it, that we realised we didn’t exactly know. So we made a podcast to find out. “Things Will Get Better” is a journey from the formation of the band to the release of our debut album, and features us exploring our old haunts in Leeds, listening to long-lost demos and chatting to Gwil Sainsbury and our producer Charlie Andrew. We loved reminiscing about those days, sharing our individual memories and taking some time to reflect with gratitude on the album that changed our lives more than any other.”

All episodes will be available in full on September 29th. Check out the trailer below…

Photo Credit: Jeremy Gordon | An Awesome Wave