Jack Antonoff of Bleachers has announced the latest edition of the Terrible Thrills series, which features female artists re-imagining his music. Vol 3. will be released as a 7″ vinyl series, with the likes of Ani DiFranco, Mitski, and Julien Baker contributing material from the most recent Bleachers album, Gone Now.

See the full line-up of 7″ records below…

7″ #1
“Let’s Get Married” – Mitski
“Mickey Mantle Comes Alive” – Bleachers

7″ #2
“I Miss the Last Days of Disco” – Bleachers
“Don’t Take the Money (Demo)” – Bleachers / “All My Heroes” – Muna / “Hate That You Slow Me Down” – Bleachers

7″ #3
“Everybody Lost Somebody” – Julien Baker
“Good Morning After a Breakup” – Bleachers/ “Vietnam Documentary” – Bleachers

7″ #4
“Foreign Girls” – Ani DiFranco
“And, Nothing Is You” – Bleachers

Photo Credit: Michel Dussack

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