Black Taxi, one of our favorite NYC live acts, needs your help. Their beloved tour van got stolen in Brooklyn this past December, and you, yeah YOU can help. Check out the band’s fundraising campaign below, and help these rockers get back on the road in 2014…

Via Black Taxi’s indie-gogo campaign:

RIP Tony Vanza

As many of you know, our beloved Tony Vanza was stolen from us in the middle of December – the very day we began recording our new LP. The van was never recovered.

We are raising funds to purchase a new touring vehicle as our insurance payment fell short of what we need to be able to resume touring. Bringing our live show to our fans is the most important part of what we do!

What You Get

We have a couple pledge options for you, ranging from high-fives to shirts to naming our new baby. Elizabeth Trailer will surely miss Tony Vanza, though we trust Tony’s replacement will keep her company in the future. Thank You!

We are truly appreciative of any amount of support that you can lend us.

Donate here, and check out our review of Black Taxi’s Chiaroscuro here…

Photo Credit: Mark Dershowitz | RIP Tony Vanza