’I Will Never Stop Loving You’ is the only true ‘love song’ I have ever written,” admits Courtney Taylor-Taylor of THE DANDY WARHOLS about the fourth single taken from their new album ROCKMAKER which is released today, March 15, 2024via Sunset Blvd.

Featuring vocals from the legendary DEBBIE HARRY (Blondie), “I Will Never Stop Loving You” is a darkly anxious track that sees Harry’s radiant vocals dodging Taylor-Taylor’s sinister growl, adding a brightness to the shadows of obsession that his vocals suggest. “Dark as it may be, I truly believe it represents love and what that word means to many people,” he adds.

Debbie’s contribution to the track is one that Courtney does not take lightly. For an album that already boasts features from Frank Black (Pixies) on “Danzig With Myself” and Slash (Guns N’ Roses) on “I’d Like To Help You With Your Problem,” her presence anoints it with even more majestic grace that NME plauds as “epic.” “Debbie’s voice elevated this song to a level that nothing else could possibly have done,” he explains in awe of her vocal prowess. “Upon hearing it, I think I learned more about singers in that moment than I have learned in the last 15 years… I don’t know… Maybe ever.”

Seeing a recent dearth of records rife with “heavy raw punk and metal guitar riffs,” The Dandy Warhols made one of their own. What they ended up with is an album that The Arts STL describes as “a kaleidoscope of sound and style as only The Dandy Warhols can bring with their infectious and psychedelic vibes that can’t be pigeonholed into a single genre, so don’t even try.” The Spill Magazine lauds, “ROCKMAKER embodies a sonic evolution for The Dandy Warhols, characterized by a deliberate emphasis on guitar riffs over chords and melodies.” Vanyaland adds, “The Dandy Warhols have never been ones to fall in step, so it’s little surprise that their new LP ROCKMAKER doesn’t necessarily meet or exceed expectations as much as set its own bar.” Downtown Los Angeles praised, “Combining psych-rock, shoegaze, power pop, synth pop, and more with the cheeky detachment of their pop-art namesake, the Dandy Warhols are equally skilled at heady reveries and satirical pop.”

Currently on the final handful of dates on their current live run of the U.S. (the band plays Indianapolis’ Vogue Theater this evening), The Dandy Warhols continue to be a formidable live force. On the band’s recent stop at Boston’s Royale, Boston Globe hailed “the band wrapped its audience in a sonic blanket that had an almost narcotic warmth at times.” Parklife DC said of their Washington, DC show, “the quartet maintained their classic psych rock roots but dove into even a grittier edge that borders on post-punk and even goth.” About the Toronto show on March 12, The Spill Magazine says, “The Dandy Warhols electrified the Toronto stage with a performance that exuded sheer power and badassery right from the get-go… Their unparalleled talent and chemistry create an experience unlike any other.” With just a few dates left including St. Louis, Denver and a crowning show at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theatre, the band departs for Australia in mid-April to bring their fire down under.

The Dandy Warhols is Courtney Taylor-Taylor (vocals, guitar), Peter Holmström (guitar, keyboards), Zia McCabe (keyboard, bass, percussion), and Brent DeBoer (drums, backing vocals)ROCKMAKER is released today, March 15, 2024via Sunset Blvd and was produced by Peter Holmström and Courtney Taylor-Taylor.

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