Glass Animals have announced that I LOVE YOU SO F***ING MUCH, their fourth studio album, is out July 19th 2024. The band shared via Instagram:

these are love songs. they look at all the twisted shapes and forms of love, good and bad. they were born out of a large existential crisis. so maybe it is fair to call them “existential love songs.” i tried to work my way out of this existential crisis, and that resulted in some writing. that writing ended up being the backbone to this album.

the songs are all addressed to ‘you.’ But the ‘you’ applies to different people in different songs. it is generally someone i’m incredibly close to. or had been incredibly close to. so the ‘YOU’ of the title applies to all of those people…all of them at once. and consequently to all shapes and forms of love, and life at once. on another level, the YOU also applies to the album as a whole which feels like a child to me, and has given me so much…but also almost killed me at times. and then on a further level, the ‘YOU’ is the listener and the people who make it possible for these songs to exist in the first place. anyone who has ever supported us or wished this album into existence. (ie the you who is reading this right now!) Its quite a massive, all-encompassing ‘YOU.’ even though the words themselves are so small, for me they hold a large, and complex emotional weight. they’re even hard to say. and they can take on a different meaning every time you say them.

i guess the point is that the love and human connection in the world, in all its forms, is…enormous. it’s more complex and powerful than anything and everything else in the universe. so, perhaps you could call it a ‘meaning of life’ record. or…just a collection of existential love stories.

Creatures in Heaven, the first of these stories, is out today. And I hope you like it 🙂

love always,
dave and co. x | Coming Soon