Howlin Rain has announced that they will release their first ever live album this April 29th via Silver Current Records. Entitled Live Rain, the album will be available in digital, CD, cassette, and vinyl formats. Recorded live during the band’s 2012 tour in support of The Russian Wilds, the live LP features Ethan Miller (lead singer, songwriter and guitarist), Earthless’ Isaiah Mitchell (guitarist and backing vocalist), Drunk Horse’s Cyrus Comiskey (bassist and backing vocalist) and Raj Ojha (drummer).

Check out the tracklist below, and have a listen to the killer tune, ‘Self Made Man’.

Live Rain – Track Listing:

Side 1
Phantom In The Valley (8:45)
Self Made Man (11:04)

Side 2
Can’t Satisfy Me Now (8:45)
Beneath Wild Wings (4:19)
Lord Have Mercy (7:50)

Side 3
Hung Out In The Rain (6:07)
Calling Lightning Pt. 2 (8:16)
Dancers At The End Of Time (5:53)

Side 4
Roll On The Rusted Days (7:49) | Live Rain