Today, Mondo Cozmo, the enigmatic musical force who commanded notoriety via critically acclaimed albums including, Plastic Soul and number one single “Shine,” has released a new single, “Angels.” A wall of sound rock epic with momental lyrics that mark the passing of time.  “These statues of youth now covered in sand, offended walls of brazen land,” Cozmo’s arresting vocals proclaim against a stadium sized string arrangement that kicks off the track before cascading into a stunning cacophony of indie rock and orchestral pop. 

Cozmo stated,  “We’ve been covering The Verve’s ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ for years. I wanted our own mid tempo song with the strings leading the charge. The idea was to strip the instrumentation back and shoot for a U2 ‘Live at Red Rocks’ feel. Lyrically, the song references ‘time’ – “These statues of youth, now covered in sand” – This will all go away someday and I should probably take the dog to the park.”

Mondo Cozmo, also known as Josh Ostrander, began his career as part of bands Laguardia and then trio Eastern Conference Champions. The latter experienced a degree of success, with a song featured on the Twilight soundtrack. But that wasn’t enough for the Philadelphia native. Soon, the band split and Ostrander began recording under the moniker Mondo Cozmo. Now on his own, Ostrander did everything it took to survive in order for him to make his music successful. He slept on sofas, cut costs when possible. Like all good things, success came after many years of hard work.

Check out the video below… | Listen Up