Alt-rock darlings Portugal. The Man have shared a new song, aptly called ‘What, Me Worry?’

They also shared the following message with fans:

Here it is, the first song off our new record. This song is an access point to the bigger ideas and topics on the record. More than any other record, this one is a journey for us. We explored topics both musical and lyrical that flow through the record. There is a progression and “What, Me Worry?” is part of the journey, an important part, that satirizes nationalism and capitalism. Mad Magazine has always has a strong influence on us, the way they were able to make humor out of just about anything was something that really resonated with us over the past few years making this record. It feels good to have fun and keep your sense of humor about things. Here is the doorway into our record, I think you will see/hear a lot of different things as it unveils itself, now we got to finish up the rest of the songs, we are close, don’t worry.

Photo Credit: Jeremy Gordon | Listen Up