2020 is different. So what we’re doing this year is going to be different too.

Record Store Day is celebrated in countries around the world, and while every country is going through the same issues, they’re not all experiencing them at the same time, or in the same way. In the US, stores have been operating on either no revenue or a fraction of their regular income, and getting ready for one big Day, with a large list of titles to celebrate with is not what they need right now. No one knows what kind of party we’ll all be in the mood for, or able to hold safely, at any time this year, in any part of the world. So we’re focusing this year not on the party aspect of Record Store Day, but on getting the great releases on the RSD 2020 List into your local record store, and then into your collection.

RSD DROPS! Three street dates when titles from The List will be available only at participating indie record stores. We’re working on getting the new version of The List — with newly assigned RSD Drops dates — all nice and pretty for you. Look for that on the Record Store Day site on June 1.

On those RSD Drops dates–8/29, 9/26, 10/24–expect stores to have some procedures in place to keep you and their staff safe and comfortable. Stores will be following their local mandates and each one may be doing things a little differently. We’ll be working with them on ideas and best practices, and we’ll be relaxing some restrictions on online sales if stores choose to do that. As always, it’s a good idea to follow your local record store on social media or start a conversation with them. More information will be coming from them as we move towards the first of the RSD Drops.

No plan is going to make everyone happy, and for sure this year looks different than any other, as far as Record Store Day and everything else goes. We’re doing the best we can to help record stores, and to help you support them, too.

-Via the team at Record Store Day

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