SXSW 2013 is only a month away – are YOU ready? Make the most of your trip to Austin with this SXSW Survival Guide compiled by our friends at Lucid Routes.

First time in the live music capital? Skip the tourist traps and have Lucid Routes customize a SXSW itinerary based on your choice of booze, bands, and budget. Get insider info from locals on all the pre-parties, after-parties, hot spots, and hidden gems Austin has to offer.

It goes without saying that SXSW is a marathon, and that no matter how much you pace yourself, keeping your energy up is a definite must. We suggest a regimen of Vitamin C, caffeine and lots of water. Keeping something such as Advil on hand is also not a bad idea. Also dressing smart. The weather in Austin this time of year can change very quickly from sunny 85 degrees to cold and rainy, and regardless of how hot it is outside, the rooms inside the Convention Center can be chilly. So make sure to dress smart. Have a sweater or jacket on hand (preferably water resistant), and make sure to wear comfortable shoes. We suggest Toms, Converse, Havaiana Flip Flops or even a pair of comfortable, light weight boots, that have been broken in of course. SXSW is the worst time to break in a pair of new shoes.

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