Photos by Joe Papeo

New York City — A show like Anthrax and Testatment, both supreme beings of heavy metal, is hard to not completely rock your skull to. Apparently New York City, you don’t rock hard enough for your home town heroes. During a stoppage in “Indians,” guitarist Scott Ian addressed it.

“Hold on! Let me explain. The reason why Charlie stopped is because he loves you so much. This is New York City, it is a hometown show. He needs to be sure that every single one of your is having as much fun as possible. He has got the best vantage point in the room. He can see all of you. This is the War Dance, that means everybody moves. I know the pit isn’t for everyone, I’m not talking about you. You my friends, fucking awesome! Keep doing what you are doing. Everyone else, man, woman child, in a wheel chair I don’t give a shit. Jump up and down, bang your head. Pump your fists, blink your fucking eyes. New York City we know what you are capable of, so lets try that again….”

Way to go NYC…

Photo Editor Joe Papeo reporting from the pit… | New York City