Photos by Stephanie Williams

Los Angeles rockers Dirty Honey performed a sold out show at Neumos in Seattle, Washington on February 21, 2020 during their Rolling 7s Tour. Opening for Dirty Honey was UK based band The Amazons.

Consisting of band members Marc LaBelle (lead vocals), John Notto (guitars), Justin Smolian (bass), and Corey Coverstone (drums), Dirty Honey style themselves as “New Fashioned Rock ‘n’ Roll”. They’ve been deemed to be one of those bands that bring current and past generations of rockers together, and prove to those who think “Rock is dead” that it is in fact alive and well.

The Rolling 7s Tour will continue through Canada and the East Coast (U.S.) through early Spring – with Dirty Honey hopping on a handful of spring music festivals, too. | Seattle