Photos by Rod Snyder

Fishbone fans worked up a sweat when the ska icons rolled into The Milkboy for a high-energy show on September 26th. Charismatic frontman Angelo Moore and his crew plugged songs from their latest EP, Intrinsically Intertwined, and even threw a Sublime cover in the mix. Rod Snyder reporting from Philadelphia…


Party at Ground Zero
Lyin’ Ass Bitch
I Wish I Had a Date
The Suffering
Everyday Sunshine
Whipper Snapper
Question of Life
Ma & Pa
Skankin’ to the Beat
Give It Up
Let Dem Ho’s Fight
Freddie’s Dead
Crazy Glue
Date Rape (Sublime cover)
Kung Fu Grip
Bonin’ in the Boneyard
Sunless Saturday | Philly