Words & Photos by Rod Snyder

The Neal Morse Band is on “The Road Called Home” Tour, and this road led to the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA on August 27th. Morse & Co. have been performing their Similitude of a Dream concept album in it’s entirety at each show, which is loosely based on the book, Pilgrim’s Progress, by John Bunyan.

The story chronicles the spiritual journey of a man from the City of Destruction to the place of Deliverance. Clocking in at almost three hours, the show featured every musician, with Morse at the center of it all. The live concert version translates extremely well, and was well-received by the local prog-rock crowd, too. The set closed with 2 encores, “Author of Confusion” and “Agenda”.


Long day
The dream
City of destruction
We have got to go
Makes no sense
Draw the line
The slough
Back to the city
The ways of a fool
So far gone
Breath of angels
Slave to your mind
Shortcut to salvation
The man in the iron cage
The road called home
Freedom song
I’m running
The mask
The Battle
Broken sky/long day (reprise)

Author of confusion


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