Photos by Jeremy Gordon

This past Saturday night, the Disco Biscuits closed out the 3rd night of their City Bisco shows at the brand new Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk. In keeping with the Coney Island feel, concert goers entering the venue were met with a drumline and a marching band as openers.

Highlights from the night included covers of the Beastie Boys’, “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” and Pink Floyd’s, “Run Like Hell”. The band also played “Digital Buddha” and “The Very Moon” as a special request from one fan who’s brother had recently passed.

The Disco Biscuits return to the stage on August 27th for the Imagine Festival in Georgia and Sept. 9th & 10th for the Great North Music & Arts Festival in Maine.


I: Spectacle (with Hungry March Band)-> ¿Donde?, The Very Moon-> Tempest-> Digital Buddha (inverted)->The Very Moon-> And the Ladies Were the Rest of the Night (ending)

II: No Sleep Til Brooklyn (Beastie Boys)-> Run Like Hell-> Cyclone-> Crickets (inverted)-> Aquatic Ape (inverted)-> Bernstein & Chasnoff (ending)

E: Highwire | BK