Photos by Jeremy Gordon

This past Monday saw The Town Hall in New York City celebrate its 100th birthday with a free outdoor Centennial Concert at Bryant Park. Hosted by Chris Thile (Live from Here with Chris Thile, formerly known as A Prairie Home Companion) the evening paid tribute to many of the great artists who performed at the historic venue through the years.

Check out photographer Jeremy Gordon’s photos from the event…

My Oh MY (House Band)
Little Birdie (Chris Thile Solo)
Madison Square Park (House Band)
Remind Me (House Band, Emily King feature)
Cecile & Sullivan sing
Silver Dagger (House Band, feat Becca Stevens)
Masters of War (House Band, feat Chris Thile)
Etude #6 (Timo Andres)
Sinfonia in Fm (Timo Andres)
O What a Beautiful Morning (House Band, feat Damon Daunno)
Clandestine Byron Berline Tribute (House Band, feat Damon Daunno)
Epic II (House Band, feat Damon Daunno)
Zakir and Ganesh
Gil and Dave (Chris Thile and Becca Stevens)
The Distance (House Band, Emily King feature)
Georgia (House Band, Emily King feature)
Wise Words (Timo Andres)
Barber (Timo Andres with Chris Thile)
Spoonful (Cecile & Sullivan)
Thank You, NY (House Band)
DInk’s Song (Everyone) | NYC