Photos by Rod Snyder

Tool came around again for another leg of their Fear Inoculum Tour, returning to Wells Fargo Center even after a recent show there in November 2020. They knew the Philly fans would want more…and they were right. The Wells Fargo Center was Sold Out.

Still touring for the bands 2019 “Fear Inoculum” album, the setlist for this tour favored the new material.  Opening up with the self-titled track, “Fear Inoculum”, the rest of the night would feature other fan favorites from their 32-year career. The light show is on another level at these shows: the lasers and big screen during “Pneuma” were superb.  There was even some confetti released during “Culling Voices”, a song that had drummer Danny Carey on guitar for a few minutes, before he switched back to sitting behind his kit. 

The driving force behind the band IS drummer Danny Carey. He is simply one of the best rock drummers on the planet. Watching him do his thing is amazing – if Rush’s Neil Peart was known as the “The Professor”, then Danny must now be known as the “Associate Professor”…or something a little catchier. Not taking anything away from guitarist Adam Jones and bassist Justin Chancellor, they are equally as important and both sounded incredible on this night, but it’s Danny’s constant, rhythmic beating of the skins, synced with Maynard James Keenan’s voice that move the song along.

The show ended a little after 11:00pm, and I’d say the people were satisfied. I know I was!

Tool is on the road until the end of May, where they end the tour in Budapest.

Philly Setlist:

Fear Inoculum


The Pot



The Grudge

Right In Two


Hooker With A Penis


Chocolate Chip Trip

Culling Voices


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