CMJ 2013 has released their line-up of music industry related panels to be hosted during the annual marathon in New York City this September 15th-19th. In addition to catching a ton of bands like HAERTS, Savages, and Helio Sequence, music industry professionals can also learn from the experts about topics including brand management, songwriting, internet radio, and much more.

See the lineup of panels (so far) below, and register for this year’s event here.

The State of Emerging Music in 2013

The New Curators

Copyrights and Wrongs

Pushing the Envelope in the Age of Spectacle

B(r)and Management

Proper Channels: The Marriage of TV and the Internet

Fair Play: Royalty Rates and Internet Radio

The Struggle for Metal’s Soul

Sound Programming: Specialty Music Services

Paid In Full: Royalties in the Digital World

The Evolution of Indie Music Publishing

Recycled Sounds: Our Nostalgic Future

The Rise of Urban Alternative

Conscious Crowd-sourcing

Know Your Place(ment): Inside Music Supervision

Give It Away Now: Music’s Freeconomy

Twerked Out: Digital Age Minstrels

Coming To America: Breaking in the US

360 Me: DIY Theory and Application

The Craft of Songwriting

Career Counseling Meetings and Silver Boardroom Meetings on the areas of:

A&R, Touring, DIY, Artist Management, Diversifying Business Models, Music Supervision, Digital Revenue Streams, Music Publishing, and Working with Brands. | NYC